Evoland App Reviews

64 add

Best rpg ever in iOS

But if you want to play well, go grab a compatible game controller

Great game

Possibly the best rpg on ios so far

Good but...

Not compatible with mfi controllers! Please make it compatible, long play withthis game is not comfortable with touch interface and it gappens to die because your sweat hand is not recognized by the screen. Until the implementatio of mfi controllers this will be a funny game with a bad control interface

This is a great game!!

This is one of the best games on apps store! Great story lines and a amazing concept!


Its really fun but I wish there was a save point before the boss in the mines because all of the enemies end up depleting my health before I get to the boss and then I have to do it all over again from the timing fireballs.

Playdigious, undead king?!

I know this is a weird kind of review but I have been enjoying this game up to the battle with the Undead King. The game is clever and delightful but now I cannot beat this boss to save my life! And as far as I know I havent skipped on improving my character. Im big on utilizing strategy when the odds are stacked against me but frankly I dont want to spend hours dying fighting this boss until I get magically lucky and take him down. I dont find that entertaining. If Im missing something I would sure like to know. Thank you!

Too Short to be Fun

This game is too short to allow for any meaningful strategy or decision making. Equipment / skills are meaningless. It is like jogging through a hastily contrived museum exhibit. Youd be better served by watching videos of your old RPG favorites.

Not worth the price

I get more gameplay out of a free game, $4.99 for a few hours of an rpg, literally bought it before dinner and was finished by the time a went to bed.

Okay, Not Amazing

This is a really average game. Other than the unique concept of the progression through different eras of RPGs (which is really borderline gimmicky at times), the game lacks any real story, or skill to complete. Its a low key way to pass a few hours but I wouldnt pay more than $2 for the game. Fairly uninspired.

Great game! But hey, Devs, listen up!

Alright, I had a great time with this game and wish there was more, literally. I need a conclusion and dont have one! Please either make a second Evoland or allow us to unlock Update ;) concluding the story, preferably including the return of Kaeris, when you took her away it made the turn base overworld battles much more annoying so I will much less likely go and find all the cards and stars. Other than this annoyance I give full stars to this game and had much fun with it. To those people thinking of buying it, the main storyline lasted me about four and a half hours which was all either witty humor or the expected dungeon puzzles. PS) I hate Red Mages with a passion now, never let me do those trap rooms again (spoiler alert?) PPS)(definite spoiler alert) The Undead king was fine, use the pillars to hid from his fire and kill his bats to get health, If all else fails, just hit him quicker than he hits you

Movements bug

In the final battle, Hardly control characters move. Wasting lots of time.

App doesnt work

Well from the looks of it this is probably a pretty good game. Thats why I gave it 3 stars. And thats all the good things I have to say about this app. When I tap new game it takes me to a screen that says "you have found the right key". Thats it. No buttons or sound or anything and Will not load to the game and no way to get out of this kill screen without restarting the app. Devs please fix it.


More fun than expected.

Very Short

It was fun while it lasted. I was hoping I could play this game for awhile during the day after I finished homework and such, but it was not the case. I was able to finish this game in only one day when I had some time on my hands. I purchased it when it was on sale and though it was fun, Im still not sure it was worth the 99 cents I paid for it. I definitely wouldnt buy it at full price though.

Fun but short

Game was fun and creative, however only lasted me a few days of casual play.

To fast in beginning

It evolves to fast in the beginning and really loses things to evolve about half way through and starts focusing on storyline way to much. But it is still fun. It just goes away from what is expected.

It left me wanting more

This game was awesome for the short time it lasted. At first I was just playing because it seemed like a new concept. No story or goal to start with, just sword fighting! Then suddenly I was attached and didnt realize it. Overall, it was really well done, I just wish it lasted longer!

Very Fun!!!

This game is great, you are kinda going through the evolution of video games, with the graphics getting better and all different genres. All of you babies saying it crashes, yes, it does sometimes, but its fine! Honestly, I loved this game, I cant wait for Evoland 2!(please make it)

Is it worth paying what they ask for?

It could be worth it in the future. The gameplay was unlike any other on the appstore Ill give them that. They combined a open-map rpg with multiple different eras of gameplay which was different. The only reason why I dont believe its worth the money right now is because the gameplay is to short. I finished it in one day! It would be great if the makers could extend the game much more. until then I can only give it 4 stars and say its not worth the buy

Wont save anymore!

So I was playing the game and enjoying it, and I reached the save point and it saved. Not shortly after I saved I ran into a monster and died. So I pressed continue and I ran into the save point and it went black with some text in the top left corner. Ive deleted and reinstalled it and it didnt work. This is a great game, but I cannot play it and I know my 4th generation iPad can handle the game. Please fix!

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